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Rosary  Makers



Mission Statement:

We are the hands that craft Our Lady’s Rosaries, laboring in love to transform simple cords and beads into beautiful blessed Catholic prayer beads to be distributed to individuals and worthy causes in local parishes and ministries throughout the world.


Within a social atmosphere, our members engage in activities that nurture and inspire fellowship, encourage the recitation of the Rosary, and enrich devotion to our Blessed Mother. 


Our Ministry:

Our Lady’s Rosary makers’ ministry members take great pride in creating lovely prayer beads for the needy and the lonely of heart to help heal and find inner peace.  Each member volunteers their time and creativity to fashion rosaries inspired by loving and caring hands.  The rosary makers meet weekly on Thursday from 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m. in the Parish Administrative Building.  We cordially invite you to participate. 


For more information, please contact the Parish Office at 386-437-5098.

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