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Circa 1914

Fathers Message:

Dear Friends in Christ,


  We live in a society where everyone is trying to get our attention. You can’t turn on the  radio or TV without someone trying to sell you something. Even to go for a drive, you have billboards trying to catch your eye. Companies spend significant amounts of money to buy just 30 seconds of advertising time in order to get their message across. Sometimes, like sheep, we just follow the latest message we hear or sometimes we hear so many messages and, like sheep, we just follow the crowd.   

  Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice.” If we want to belong to him, we do have to hear his voice. Though in today’s world it takes a conscious effort to do so. We have to take time to shut out all kinds of other noises so we can listen to him. If we don’t make the effort, we can easily lose touch with our Shepherd. This is the reason to take time to pray and to come to church on Sunday. We need to keep in touch.   

  Let us pray we are always open enough to know we need our Shepherd and to listen to his voice.  


Fr. Rafal

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