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St. Mary Church Sacristan


The Sacristan serves God, the priests and the people. The Sacristan prepares the altar for all Masses.


Chalices, ciboriums, purificators, corporals, towels, linens, etc. that have to be ready; as well as having hosts counted, placed in the paten(s) and ciborium(s) and covered by palls.


Candles have to be checked each month, replacing as necessary and ordered in advance.  The cruets have to be filled with wine and water for all Masses.  Flowers are ordered every other week and disposed of every other week. 


Requiem and/or Memorial Masses (for the dead) also have to be set up.  Linens on the altar are changed for the various Church Seasons.  Purple for Advent and Lent; White for Easter and Christmas; and Green for Ordinary time.

On special celebrations, such as Palm Sunday, Easter, as well as  Thanksgiving and Christmas the seasonal décor is put up and  taken down with help from volunteers. 


Distilled water has to be brought in for Pastor to bless for the large Holy Water font.  Every other week the small fonts at    every door are emptied, cleaned and refilled.  On alternating weeks, they are only added too.  Sacristan washes, starches, and irons  altar linens and cloth.


In addition, the “Mother Church” has to be supplied with candles, wine, water, corporals, purificators, etc.  Linens are changed for weddings, etc.


Volunteers are needed and would be gratefully appreciated!

Please call the office at 386-437-5098

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