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The organist not only supports and encourages participation through song but also,can fully assist contemplation and express praise before God. Even at celebrations when no choir sings, basic musical participation can be ensured by an instrumentalist and one or more

cantors.  Especially through responsorial singing, they can draw the people into singing together.

Organist are available when needed for weddings and funerals.


The cantor’s function is to lead the congregation in singing.


In preparation for the liturgical celebration, the cantor may introduce and teach new music to the people. Cantors lead the music at every celebration at our parish. They are our song leaders, animators, and psalmists. They are available for funerals and weddings if needed.  Cantors work in coordination with the Organist.

For more information about either of these ministries, please call the Parish office at 386-437-5098

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